Returning to The Jezreel Expedition

by Ashley Motes

After my first experience with the Jezreel Expedition in 2013, I was really excited to return. It was such a great experience to work in the field and travel throughout Israel. I was only able to return for the last two weeks of the Jezreel Expedition 2014 and it’s already been a few days since I got into the country.


It was not hard to adjust to being here and I was glad to work alongside people like Ian, Julie, Dr. Ebeling, and Shelia. I just started excavating this year so there is not too much I can say about the experience so far. However, excavating has been a lot smoother than last year with less rocks in the way and I’ve been discovering more artifacts which is really exciting.


I also finally got to use a metal detector for the first time and it was a lot of fun. I am looking forward to seeing what the next days bring.