Traveling with The Jezreel Expedition

by Michael Sullivan

One of my favorite things about participating in the Jezreel Expedition is all the various opportunities I have for traveling around the surrounding area during field trips. While we spend a lot of time digging, we also get the chance to visit and tour historical sites as well as other places of interest.


At these sites, the informative tours that we receive really help to provide interesting background information and historical knowledge. I also love the fact that we often receive a little bit of time to explore the location on our own and look at things that specifically interest us. Another great thing is the opportunity to visit entire different countries on these field trips, like we did in Jordan just a few days ago.

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All in all, being able to learn more about the local history and culture of the area, as well as doing it in a fun and engaging manner is what sets field trips as my favorite thing about Jezreel.